Chivas USA Pick UConn Defender Carlos Alvarez #2 Overall in MLS SuperDraft

There wasn’t much suspense to Chivas USA’s 2013 MLS SuperDraft.

The club professed a desire to draft Mexican-Americans with its only draft pick.

Two prospects duly issued come and get me pleas.

And Chivas USA picked one of them.

Here he is in action at the recent MLS Combine.

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  • Toni Sciacqua


    • Chris Cognac

      I am watching this whole “Mexicanization” thing with great interest..

      • Joseph D’hippolito

        Chris, the Mexican and Mexican-American population didn’t buy it the first time, in Chivas USA’s first season. Remember Isaac Romo, Armando Benitez, Hector Cuadros, and other second-division garbage Vergara tried to pass off on the fans?

        Vergara (and MLS) don’t understand that by associating itself with *one* club, Chivas USA has alienated fans who don’t support Chivas Guadalajara. Why would Mexicans or Mexican-Americans who support Club America, Cruz Azul, Club Tijuana, etc. give a rip about Chivas USA?

        • Chris Cognac

          Agree…that is why I am watching with great interest…on another note I am off to see the big boys play..Celtic, Arsenal and PSG all at home…leave Sunday!

          • Joseph D’hippolito

            Congratulations! Have a safe trip and a great time.

          • Chris Cognac

            Thanks..i might see if Nick lets me guest blog the trip