Thursday Name Dropping: Lampard, Gonzalez, Barrett & More

*Because of goals like that it’s unlikely we’ll see Frank Lampard in a Galaxy shirt any time soon and at least one influential English manager feels the the same way.

*The deconstruction of the U.S. loss in Honduras continues as does the discussion over the role LA Galaxy center back Omar Gonzalez played in the World Cup qualifying setback. My perspective: Gonzalez is young, he’s still a better option than the aging or inadequate options we’ve seen at the position previously. I’m not alone in that assessment.

*Staying with Wednesday’s qualifiers, check out the role former Galaxy goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts played in Jamaica’s stunning result at the Azteca Stadium.

*And speaking of former Galaxy players, guess who is on his way back to MLS.

*Finally, National College Signing Day is a bigger deal for pointy-balll football than the real version, but here’s who signed where as far as the Galaxy Academy and Chivas USA Academy is concerned.

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  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Gonzalez’s lack of speed got exposed on the second goal. He was in front of Bengston once Boniek Garcia played the ball. Once Bengston turned on the afterburners, Gonzalez was finished.

    The United States defense has a wide gap between the most experienced players (Cherundolo, Bocanegra, Onyewu) and their likely successors (Gonzalez, Chandler, Johnson, Williams) in terms of international experience and savvy. The former likely will be too old for Brazil if the U.S. qualifies (and that’s an open question at this point). The latter might not have enough international experience.

  • Inigo Montoya

    That’s not how I saw the replay. I don’t think it was about Omar’s speed or lack of it. It was about ball-watching.

    He just stopped running once he thought Chandler and Howard had control of the play. Bengston kept running through. Omar realized too late that the ball was still in play, and tried to catch up to the running Bengston from a dead stop — nobody could have accomplished that.

    I’m not saying that Omar has huge speed. I’m just saying that play didn’t offer a chance to judge it. The problem on that play was ball-watching.

    I still have hopes for Omar. He can’t learn to be faster, but he can learn not to get caught ball-watching.

  • Gonzales play non seriously in this match. His lack of speed exposes him after the second goal made by other team. Omar is a good player. He know well how to play a tough game in a tight condition.