Chivas USA Humbled in MLS Home Opener

Well, at least there weren’t almost 40,000 people there to see the home team lose like there were in Seattle.

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  • American Beer

    I have to imagine Garber asks Vergara to sell every year, and every year, he has some new explanation about how his club will overcome and succeed. Why does Garber believe him anymore? Why does Vergara keep blowing his brains out year after year on MLS? He just doesn’t understand how to do it, and at some point Garber has to stop letting Chivas USA damage the league year in and year out.

  • every year for the 5 years I have been a season seat holder it, next year will be better…well its next year again and this is the worst ever..the game atmosphere was boring, no sponsors for giveaways and fun outside the game, no Chiva girls to watch…it is obvious that the front office and staff have been gutted, with 1 or 2 workers doing the job of 6-7 people…its just a shell sad…and yea, the crowd was like a weds night game..7000 people , no way!