Weekly Soccer Column: Pray for Chivas USA

Hello, anyone home? Home Depot Center Saturday a little over 10 minutes before the kickoff of Chivas USA’s MLS season opener.

It’s hard to believe just how big a debacle Chivas USA has become for this market, this league and this sport.

Nevertheless, things appear to be coming to a head if we are to believe what MLS Commissioner Don Garber had to say this weekend.

Chivas USA is down to its last few loyal troops in the stands — the long-suffering likes of the Black Army and Union Ultras are still commendably hanging in there, even if few others are.

Fans who bought club seats at the HDC and get tickets to every event are unwilling to sit through Chivas USA games. You can get the best seats in the house for the game Sunday on Stubhub for as little as just over $10 apiece, so why anyone would want to buy a game ticket that starts at $17 this year directly from the club is beyond me.

And that’s not going to help the club’s sagging attendance at all.

For more read this week’s column here.

For possible solutions, read this column (sent to me by the folks at the Black Army) in the wake of the column’s publication. Worth trying or smacking of desperation?

Sound off in the column section below.



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  • See comment on your linked article…

  • Inigo Montoya

    Three words: “Miami” and “Tampa Bay.”

  • The club is in the final throws of a long earned spiral down the drain. As for the possible solution… a big fat case of “much too little and much too late.” They have spent too much time trying to appeal to highly specialized markets. Trying to get hispanic fans in the seats of MLS matches is a noble cause but you cut your own throat when you market yourself to fans of one team in one country of the large hispanic population in the US. You make it worse when you limit the players you can attract in an international market place.