Video Highlights: FC Dallas at Chivas USA

Staff Writer Phil Collin has the game story and quotes from the colorful Chivas USA coach Chelis, who reminds me of former U.S. national team coach Bora Milutinović (incomprehensible in all of the multiple  languages he spoke, was the joke).

In just two press conferences the metaphorical and regionally colloquial Chelis has spoken of dandruff, rifles and now a barrel of you know what in press conferences that have baffled even native Spanish speakers attempting to translate.

To wit: “In this team we are all obligated to play soccer, but nobody is obligated to do the impossible.  However, this team today got to the edge of the impossible.”


In the battle of quotes that is Chelis verses Schellas, Dallas coach Hyndman had this to say:

“The first two goals, I think, were defensive errors which are going to happen, and the third goal we put everything forward. I think we played well enough to win the game, we just did not play smart enough. ”

I’ll say.

The Dallas goal was a comedy of defending with two Chivas USA players left eating dust and goalkeeper Dan Kennedy seeing the effort go between his legs.

Dallas had nothing to laugh about, however. The defensive lapses that led to the first two Chivas USA goals were inexcusable, but to Chivas USA’s credit they punished the Dallas back line mercilessly.

I’m not convinced Chivas USA won the game as much as Dallas lost it, but at least it has set up a more interesting SuperClasico next Sunday that will have a larger audience than Sunday’s game:


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