Chivas USA fires coach Chelis

solischivasThe day after they actually won a game (albeit to minor league opposition in the lightly-regarded U.S. Open Cup), Chivas USA fired their Mexican head coach for “the team’s poor performance on the field.”

José Luis Sánchez Solá, who sported terrible fashion sense and fractured Spanish, but was nonetheless the most entertaining feature of the club, was let go late Wednesday evening.

You understand why this had to happen, right? (according to the Chivas USA news release):

Since his hiring, Sánchez Solá had at his disposal a competitive team with the institutional premise of a formal interaction, based in communication in which the club listened to his petitions to incorporate players approved by him. However, he was not able to reflect it with results.


While serving as Chivas USA Head Coach, Sánchez Solá not always followed the patterns of respect and conduct implemented by Major League Soccer, as well as by Chivas USA.”

Good thing Chivas USA got rid of those employees who don’t speak Spanish!

Ladies and gentlemen, your new head coach: “Mr. José Luis Real Casillas, who currently acts as Sporting Development Director at Chivas Guadalajara.  His experience and knowledge of the organization will be key to continue moving forward with the current project and to find the best sporting results for the team in the current season.”

Good luck with that.

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