Chivas USA gets new coach, Carson stadium a new name

braintrustChivas USA brain trust: From left, Director of Football Paco Palencia, President Dennis Te Klose and new coach Jose Luis Real Casillas explain the club’s direction at a press conference in Carson Thursday where new coach Casilla was introduced to the media (Photo by Staff Photographer Brittany Murray).

The Galaxy and Chivas USA each held press conferences Thursday a few minutes and a couple of miles apart.

Staff Writer Phil Collin attended the Chivas USA announcement at the Doubletree Hotel, while I hung at the newly-named StubHub Center.

Here’s more from the coach from the Chivas USA press release:

“I don’t just arrive to manage the team simply for personal gain, I come on behalf of the institution,” said Real. “This is a huge difference from what’s been done up to this point.  We are seeking to achieve a unified system and to integrate [Chivas] Guadalajara’s ideas while always adapting them to the country we live in. The key word is integration, which should not be confused with the notion of doing exactly the same things as they are done in Guadalajara.


“The overall idea will be the same but there will be adaptations to a country that is different. Above everything, we need to implement whatever adaptations with great respect to the League and the country we are working in. I am intrigued and excited about the opportunity to influence, prove and demonstrate to the non-believers that we can accomplish that, [use a unified and integrated idea adapted to this League].”

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  • Pedro

    StubHub to make the stadium a fan-friendly facility? Unless AEG turns over the running of the concessions and parking to them, I don’t see how that can happen. StubHub wont be able to change AEG’s well-earned reputation of being cheapskates on serving fans at the stadium. I’ve been to the stadium to redeem hot dog coupons only to be told THEY WERE OUT OF HOTDOGS. On two separate occasions.

    I bought single game $9 end line tickets three years ago and now you have to pay $33 minimum per game as a season ticket holder.

    But what does it matter to them? When fewer tickets are sold because of the crappy game experience and high prices, they can just give unsold ones away to their partners and consider them “distributed” and include them in the attendance totals.

    • Pedro

      Wasn’t clear in my post — I’ve been at games where the tickets I bought required me to pay for hot dogs (and sodas), and it was when I tried to redeem the vouchers, i was informed that they were out of hot dogs. And yes, this happened to me on 2 separate occasions, with both of my emails to the Galaxy going unreturned.