Less than SuperClasico Preview: LA Galaxy at Chivas USA tonight in Carson

I don’t think I can recall a less anticipated SuperClasico than the one scheduled for 8 o’clock tonight in Carson, for reasons MLS beat writer Phil Collin recounts in today’s game preview.

Of course, this is more than two teams going through an increasingly long poor patch of form.

The hosts of today’s game are more a car wreck than a soccer team, as Phil Collin observes in a lengthy feature piece today that sums up what must be a candidate for one of the most poorly run American sports organizations of all time.

In one respect, the article lets MLS off easy when they clearly must shoulder a great deal of the blame for allowing this debacle to go on as long as it has, exhibiting zero leadership and allowing the league and sport to become a laughing stock in one of the nation’s largest soccer markets. It is, frankly, little short of disgraceful.

Incidentally, I thought this rather clueless article from MLS’ propoganda arm summed up Chivas USA almost insurmountable issues.

Hire Steve Sampson? Make a signing that will raise eyebrows? Get their own stadium? My, my, those are novel ideas.

Given that Chivas USA are in a class by themselves when it comes weird moves (Eric Avila, a player not even a regular in MLS before he signed for Chivas USA is Liga MX material with CD Guadalajara, really?) more are really not needed (just ask Juan Agudelo).

And getting owner Jorge Vergara to actually invest in the future of a clearly flailing and failing franchise is not only unlikely to occur, but is far too late at this stage to rescue a team with no identity and few fans anyway.

Chivas USA are on borrowed time, even while the powers that be don’t seem to accept or grasp that simple concept.

And on that note, enjoy the game.





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