Weekly Soccer Column: Season on line as Galaxy face Sounders Saturday in Carson

The likely Southern California debut of Clint Dempsey. A visit by the No. 1 team in the Western Conference coached by a South Bay favorite son. The Galaxy season on the line.

Regular season MLS games don’t get much bigger or more significant.

Read more about this Saturday’s showdown in Carson in this week’s column.

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  • Limey

    The Galaxy season on the line. How’s that? Whatever the result Saturday the Galaxy will very likely make the playoffs, they are no where near playoff elimination. They never looked like they were interested in winning the supporters shield, it’s a meaningless trophy anyway.

  • StudsUp

    We need to finish ahead of the east teams to get the MLS cup final at home again otherwise no real advantage besides automatic qualifying for CCL.

    Arena is making a lot of bonehead decisions this year which makes 3peating very unlikely. It started off with the trade of Magee at a time of the season and ended with playing all 3 overworked DP’s in DC after hard fought qualifying games while using a lot of young players in between which is not his trademark.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Given the huge difference between the way the G’s play at home and away, I think it *is* important for them to finish as high up the table as possible, to get as many decisive playoff games at home as possible. The conference final, certainly, and the Cup game if they get that far. They are a Cup-quality team at home, but I have no hope for them on the road.

    The two stories of the season for me: the home-away difference, and the surprising lack of depth up top. The defense has been good enough to win games, but you can’t win unless you score. Zardes, McBean, Villareal, Rugg, you name it. For whatever reason, they rarely score. In Zardes’s case, not for lack of shooting.

    Oh, yeah, third story: giving up Magee in exchange for . . . nothing, as it turns out.