• Benjamin Hayes

    I was really surprised to see such a large pro-US crowd show up for the game. I don’t think many people were expecting it. Previous camp cupcake matches I have been to were either abysmally small (Norway, Denmark, Sweden) or had more visiting fans than home fans (Honduras, Chile). It was really nice to see.

    I thought Brad Evans looked terrible. Korea had so many dangerous looks by beating Evans on the wing. Luckily solid play from Rimando defused those chances. That is my biggest concern coming out of the game because Evans is definitely in the mix for Brazil. Pretty solid control of the ball in midfield.

  • Studs Up

    I agree with Benjamin on most of the points he brings up. The pro US crowd and the beautiful day and the new field were the best part of the day.

    But the totally boring and un-imaginative way the US played was very disheartening. The distribution out of the back was abysmal. Out of all the passes completed by the US midfielders, a huge percentage were square or back, i.e. safe passes. Can’t recall less than a handfull of intillengent offensive sequences which is confirmed by the 3 attempts on goal.

    Donovan is still head and shoulders above the rest of the players on display. It was a real shame not to see what Mike Magee could have added to this very uninspired performance. Love to see Gil and Yedlin play more.

  • Inigo Montoya

    I agree with Benjamin and Studs up.

    Also, a striking difference between the USMNT game Saturday and the USWNT game Friday: Both teams were rusty, but at least the USWNT has the fearless and ambitious Rapinoe, whose impulse is always to attack and disrupt.

    Think of the games in the past when the USMNT has overachieved on the world stage: against Portugal in the 2002 World Cup, or against Spain in the 2009 Confederations Cup, for example. They have done best when they were unpredictable, disruptive, dangerous. There was little of that on display Saturday, though Donovan showed signs now and then.

    One more LD observation on fitness and commitment. Tho he’s supposedly an old man, in the closing minutes of the game he was his old self, dangerous on attack but defending all the way back to the 6. Nice to see.