Weekly Soccer Column: Does New Coach, New Season Equal Different Results for Chivas USA?

1.31.14 Training-15The way forward: New Chivas USA coach Wilmer Cabrera is under no illusions about the magnitude of the task he faces (Photo courtesy Chivas USA).

Chivas USA coach Wilmer Cabrera has enough to worry about on the field, but he is also cognizant of the on-going debate surrounding the club and its fan base given recent clumsy efforts to emphasize its Mexican heritage:

“Chivas USA is not exclusively for Mexican Americans,” he said Monday. “Chivas USA is an American team in MLS, which is an American league and it is open to everyone.


“No one wants to support a really bad team, that’s normal,” he added. “The only way is to try and change the mentality and little by little we’re going to reach out, but were not going to reach out to one small group of people, we want everyone.”

For more from Cabrera and his plans at Chivas USA, read this week’s column.

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