Major League Soccer Texas Two-step: Defensive errors condemn Galaxy to Houston loss, division basement and Chivas USA to road tie in Dallas

Anther ghastly Galaxy defensive screw-up condemned LA to a road loss in Houston against the Dynamo and the bottom of the Western Conference, while plucky Chivas USA grabbed a point in their local television debut this season against Dallas, but really should have had a road win.

We’ll let the blunt Robbie Keane lay it on the line an explain what the sputtering Galaxy need to do to stop losing and start winning in a season threatening to go nowhere before it has really started:

“Just stop making mistakes, that’s how you lose games, you make mistakes and then you lose games. We just can’t make mistakes, the mistakes we’ve made are ones that can’t be made, and it’s fairly simple. If you we keep making mistakes like that we can forget about even making the playoffs.”

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  • Inigo Montoya

    What made Gargan’s throw-in even more inexcusable was that it came only moments after Pineda had been caught in a scramble a few yards from that exact spot. The earlier mess-up could/should have led to a Houston goal.

    Brain cramp? Gargan had an otherwise good game.

    They should have been up by a goal in the first minute. Samuel had two available open attackers to pass to on that break, but kept the ball for a low-percentage shot.

    Awful stuff.