When the LA Galaxy’s Landon Donovan isn’t an ESPN talking head, watch what he’s doing instead of being drafted in to the injury-hit USMNT World Cup squad

So why hasn’t Jurgen Klinsmann called in an experienced campaigner like Landon Donovan with an injured Jozy Altidore likely done for the World Cup and Clint Dempsey nursing a broken nose?

Politics aside, I’m not exactly sure, but it could prove a  ghastly mistake.

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  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Nick, Donovan never was going to be on this World Cup team if Klinsmann had anything to do with it, regardless of Donovan’s form or fitness. Remember the press conference the day after the cuts were announced? Reporters asked Klinsmann for specifics about *how* Donovan was slightly behind the other players, as Klinsmann put it. Klinsmann offered none. Remember when he told the New York Times that Donovan’s form was “not good” two months after returning from his break? Well, apparently Klinsmann decided not to count the Gold Cup of most of last year’s MLS season, when Donovan and Keane formed a potent duo.

    Klinsmann plays favorites; that should be obvious to everybody. Why did Altidore get handed a starting postiion at forward, and why was Tim Chandler handed a roster spot, if current performance is all that important? Why is Brad Davis on the team? Because he praised Klinsmann in Brian Strauss’ story. Klinsmann knows he doesn’t really have the locker room. This tournament will prove Klinsmann to be a fraud.