Reaction: Will the 7-0 LA Galaxy mauling by Manchester United help, harm or make no difference to MLS?

Will the lopsided Wednesday night game at the Rose Bowl (and elsewhere in other games between clubs in the two leagues) help or hinder MLS’ efforts to broaden its fan base? Discuss:

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  • studs up

    these games have nothing to do with mls, it has never translated into more or less mls fans. its strictly a money making tool to gladly milk the idiot soccer snobs by luring them into these meaningless games. i,m very glad the mls teams are taking in the gate money rather than visiting mexican teams as was the case in the past.

    there are no lessons to be learned by the mls players and coaches. they know they ‘re not as good. the only positive for mls is that the money made is helping their bottom line and it’s helping the steady growth of the league.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Well, I learned that 85,000 people will show up to watch a scrimmage between Man U and a random assortment of the Galaxy A & B teams. So there’s that. (I hope the G’s got at least 10% of the gate.)

    I also learned that nobody got hurt, unlike the Eskandarian concussion during the Galaxy’s meaningless 2009 exhibition against AC Milan. Such a waste of a good MLS career.

  • studs up

    rookie defende kyle venter did injure his shoulder and had to come out shortly after he entered the game in the second half. tommy meyer also got cut in the face by a no foul flying elbow by rooney which knocked him silly into playing a horrible game.