MLS Cup Preview: After a lifetime of supressing his sexuality, LA Galaxy defender Robbie Rogers is “Coming Out To Play”


MLSCUP2014For the first 25 years of his life, Robbie Rogers would not admit — even to himself — that he was gay.

And he confided to no one his fears and hopes during a lifetime of denial:

“Why didn’t I speak to anyone — a therapist or anyone?” he wondered during an interview Thursday. “That just shows how afraid I was.”

But today, Rogers has the support of his family, friends and the extended soccer community who encouraged the only active gay athlete in a major U.S. sport not to quit the game. To complete his journey — and that of Landon Donovan — the Galaxy must win Sunday against the New England Revolution in Carson.

“There’s been a lot of things happening outside of soccer and we’ve all supported each other,” he said. “I think it shows on the field.”

“I feel very blessed,” he added. “Now it’s the perfect way to end a perfect yr.”

Read more about how Rogers is “Coming Out To Play” in this story that ran on the front page page today of Los Angeles News Group newspapers.

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