Galaxy defender Omar Gonzalez turns South Bay school green for Earth Day

OmarG1Green giant: Galaxy central defender Omar Gonzalexz went green for Earth Day visiting Will Rogers Middle School in Lawndale (Photos courtesy

Omar Gonzalez honored the accomplishments of the kids at Lawndale’s Will Rogers Middle School on Earth day after they diverted more than 17 tons of waste from landfills.

From the Grades of Green press release:

Will Rogers Middle School not only created a student-driven environmental program that teaches students the importance of keeping waste out of our landfills, they also reduced their trash bag count from 28 bags of waste at lunchtime to fewer than three bags per day.

Will Rogers competed against 23 other schools in the county-wide Trash Free Lunch Challenge to see which school could divert the most waste and best inspire their student body to take on lifelong waste reduction habits. The Trash Free Lunch Challenge schools have collectively diverted more than 100,000 bags of trash from landfills. In addition, the schools educated nearly 11,000 students on the importance of waste reduction by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting. This year’s Challenge educated even more students than
the previous year.


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