100 Percent Soccer column: Beautiful game should unite, not lead descent into ugly violence

fightFight night: Russian and English “fans” battled before, during and after their recent Euro 2016 game in France (AP Photo).

Euro 2016 experienced more trouble from drunk crowds of rowdy mobs, many of them English, media outlets reported today, despite warnings from authorities of further possible action against England and Russia should their fans continue to cause issues.

These idiots are doing themselves, the sport or their nations no favors as authorities struggle to respond appropriately (and that’s putting it mildly).

Soccer has great potential to unite and more events like this laudable LA Galaxy stand are needed if the world is to overcome sad scenes like those we have seen in France in recent months.

For more read this week’s 100 Percent Soccer column (and yes, I’d much rather write about what’s happening on the field than off it).

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