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This weekend I traveled with my UCLA soccer team to Indiana for the adidas/IU Credit Union Classic, a prestigious tournament that Indiana University has hosted for several decades.

The four teams invited to thee tournament were all top ten national-ranked teams, including Indiana, Maryland, Notre Dame, and of course us, UCLA. We fortunately had the opportunity to play Notre Dame and Indiana, two teams that we did not play during my freshman season. The emotions were felt by everyone as we were all anxious to get our season under way.

The Notre Dame game ended with a disappointing loss. We actually tied the game with only seconds left to take the game into overtime. Our left back Mike Zaher from Las Vegas hit a great cross to Chance Myers, who volleyed the ball into the side netting. With the momentum behind us, we entered overtime but were unfortunately defeated, 2-1.

With one loss behind us, we were still looking forward to the next game against Indiana to redeem ourselves. In front of a record crowd on a blistering hot Sunday afternoon, we displayed a great first half of soccer on both sides of the ball. Unfortunately, we came away on the short end of the stick, as we were scored on with nearly fifteen minutes to go. We were never able to overcome the deficit.

With two disappointing results this past weekend, we returned to LA with dampened spirits. However, we took away many lessons from this weekend.

As much as we all hate to lose as a team, it is now important for us to prepare for this weekend’s game at Creighton.

Go Bruins!

– Kyle Nakazawa

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Scan Confirms Beckham Out Six Weeks


The Galaxy’s season went from merely horrendous to catastrophic late this afternoon when they received the official medical diagnosis: removal of the Beckham cash-making machine.

Wait, no make that a sprained medial collateral ligament (MCL) in his right knee, discovered after a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) performed by team physician Dr. Ronald Kvitne at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles.

So that’s eight games and out for Beckham (five MLS, two SuperLiga and one World Series of Football).

That’s in addition to the left ankle injury he has nursed ever since picking it up June 6 playing for England.

He’s missed three of the Galaxys last six league games and all three in the opening round of SuperLiga.

By the time he returns the MLS season will almost be over and England’s future in Euro 2008 decided.

The only MLS games left after you count six weeks out: the Red Bulls at the HDC Oct. 18 and Oct. 21 in Chicago.

He’ll also miss an Oct. 3 friendly against the Vancouver Whitecaps that’s being heavily promoted.

Here’s the reaction from the BBC.

Updated 8 a.m. Friday: Galaxy beat writer Billy Witz has more on the $10,483.87 per minute man. (Yes, he did the math).

You can check out how Beckham sustained his latest injury plus see the rest of the Galaxy-Pachuca highlights below.

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SuperLiga Kick Off


The SuperLiga trophy was unveiled today at a press conference in Hollywood. It’s pretty cool looking as you can see above.

What inspired the design? Here are the details from MLS:

“The winning team will gain possession of a silver and gold eagle feather or la pluma, which has long been one of the most coveted objects in world history, revered as a sacred symbol of honor, bravery, strength, excellence and glory. The bald eagle (U.S. and Canada) and golden
eagle (Mexico) also carry great significance in North America with the golden
eagle featuring in Mexico’s national flag.”

Alrighty then.

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