David Beckham: Greek God?



Britain’s poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy was inspired by David Beckham’s Achilles’ tendon injury to write this verse titled “Achilles.”

“Myth’s river — where his mother dipped him, fished him, a slippery golden boy flowed on, his name on its lips.

“Without him, it was prophesied, they would not take Troy.

“Women hid him, concealed him in girls’ sarongs; days of sweetmeats, spices, silver songs…

“But when Odysseus came, with an athlete’s build, a sword and a shield, he followed him to the battlefield, the crowd’s roar,

“And it was sport, not war, his charmed foot on the ball…

“But then his heel, his heel, his heel…”

As one wit wrote, can’t wait to read the poem about Toger Tiger Woods.

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Sign of the Times


How the mighty have fallen.

This is the Marshall’s store at Torrance’s Del Amo Fashion Center over the weekend (pic snapped via the wife’s cell phone).

There were one or two Chivas USA and Chicago Fire shirts to be found and a whole rack of David Beckham Galaxy blue road replica jerseys, which once sold for around $85, now on sale for $24.99.

Don’t cry for Becks though: he’s doing just fine in Italy.

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Your Daily Beckham


But so many people either sent me or are linking to this little gem from one of England’s trashiest tabloids I felt compelled to exploit the story
um, get it on the record.

The deal won’t happen, even without considering the source.

If the wanna-be Real Madrid president planted this, it’s merely a ploy to win votes for the Spanish club’s highly-politicized presidential election. It’s common for candidates to make such promises to fans as in “I will bring you Kaka, Beckham and Josh Wicks.” Well, maybe not, but you get the idea.

Also, Becks has been there and done that (see also why he’ll leave the Galaxy this fall).

Almost equally as amusing is this cautionary tale for government bureaucrats who want to pander to the public.

And I loved this line at the end of the story: “Although a financial flop, the event is credited with helping to raise New Zealand’s international profile.”

How? As in being the latest schmucks to get taken in by the Beckham hype?

Finally, is it somehow comforting to know we can rely on The Hindustan Times to tell us this.

That is all. You may now resume your non-Beckham news consumption.

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The Inevitable Beckham Poll

Updated Monday 9 a.m.: A belated clarification to the first question in the poll. I should have written “Will propel the team TOWARD the MLS Cup.” In other words, choose that option if you believe Beckham will IMPROVE the Galaxy when he returns. And thanks for voting

David Beckham’s return to the Galaxy in July:
Will propel the team to the MLS Cup.

Is irrelevant and just about making more money before he flees MLS for good.

Will actually hurt the Galaxy more than help. He should stay in Italy.
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Thursday Kicks

*Loyola Marymount sophomore Rafael Baca of Lawndale was named to the National Soccer Coaches Association of America All-Far West Region Third Team, the first Lion to receive the honor since Bobby Burling and Diego Barrera in 2006. He has led LMU in scoring the last two years.

*Long Beach State sophomore midfielder Lindsay Bullock of Manhattan Beach and senior midfielder Hayley Bolt of Lakewood were named to the NSCAA/adidas All-West Region second-team and third-team respectively. Bullock led the team with 10 goals, while Bolt had nine.

*There’s still time to register for the Ventura County Fusion tryouts on Saturday and Sunday.

*Finally, (and trivially) check out how hung David Beckham is here.

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Alexi Lalas’ Prescription for the Galaxy: Leadership & No Becks as Captain

It was a pleasant surprise this evening to turn on the New England-Chicago playoff game on ESPN2 and be greeted by former Galaxy GM Alexi Lalas.

Lalas may have had issues as GM, but he’s always articulate and entertaining.

Lalas has kept a low profile since getting fired from the Galaxy and I believe the comments he made about the situation before the game were the first of any depth.

Here’s an excerpt of what he had to say about what new GM and Coach Bruce Arena needs to do:

“His first order of business is to find some leadership, to fill the void that exists in the Galaxy with leadership. He needs to go out there and find some real SOB’s; some guys who don’t care about saying the truth, don’t care about hurting people’s feelings and aren’t afraid they’re going to lose their job for doing so.

“He needs to make one of those guys captain, to be quite honest. This not a question of a Galaxy that doesn’t have talent, it’s a question of there was a leadership void. The fact is you need to send a message that nobody is bigger than the club whether you’re David Beckham or whether you’re Tristan Bowen, an 18-year-old coming into the club.

“Everybody has to understand it’s the team first.

“If I regret something it’s that I recognized that early on and probably didn’t do enough to correct that situation.”

I wonder how Beckham would react to having the captaincy taken away from him? And why does a team that has the experienced likes of Beckham, Landon Donovan and Pete Vagenas not have leaders anyway?

Still, Lalas’ prescription for improving the Galaxy sounds an awful lot like Arena’s, who has essentially said the same thing.

Incidentally, Beckham is joining a team in AC Milan that is top of the Italian league for the first time in four years.

BTW, Beckham is supposedly going to share taking free kicks with Ronaldinho.

And what could be – let’s emphasize the could – Beckham’s first game is the 11:30 a.m. Sunday Jan. 11 encounter against Roma. Fox Soccer Channel will televise that game live.

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Email Of The Day

Here’s one response to my column today on David Beckham.

”Funny thing about American sports heroes, they have to perform to earn/retain their status. What has this over-hyped boy done except bundle away a lot of foolishly spent cash?”

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Beckham Enters Game

David Beckham returned from seven weeks out injured in the 68th minute when he came in for Pete Vagenas with the score tied 1-1 and the Galaxy needing to avoid losing to end their season.

The crowd has gone bananas and the flash bulbs are popping.

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