Weekly Soccer Column: LA Galaxy parking, traffic woes strike nerve with fans

GalaxyOne thing you don’t want to do in Southern California is mess with the locals when it comes to traffic and parking.

That was underlined once more Wednesday when on the same day the Galaxy announced a StubHub Center sellout for the Aug. 23 game against NYCFC, the weekly 100 Percent Soccer column outlining the traffic and parking problems associated with games at the venue hit Los Angeles News Group websites and prompted an outpouring of emails and Tweets from fans. It was probably the biggest response to a column, which by the way is in our dead tree editions today should you be moved to buy it, since I started writing it over a decade ago.

I will let you know if I hear from the Galaxy front office (don’t hold your breath).

Here’s a sampling of reader reaction:

Hi Nick:

Your article today was a good one but another thing ownership doesn’t do well for the customers is handling the concession stands. The lines are ridiculously long & it’s not a stadium I will re-visit. I went to the Seattle game over the weekend and the lines were 30 minutes long. I took 3 kids from my son’s soccer team & spent the entire half & 15 minutes of the 2nd half in line buying them a soda. I asked the concessions employee if the lines were always this bad and she replied, “yes”. I will not be going back, which is too bad because they have an exciting team with many high quality players.

El Segundo

I have been a seventeen year season ticket holder and I am about not to renew my ticket if something is not done about the parking.

I am semi-handicapped and hold a ADA parking permit; for the past several years the have blocked off all the spaces on the south edge of lot 13, except for saving a few spaces they rent out to Chevrolet or other vendors and had lot 13 open to parking. Well, the past few matches they started blocking off lot 13 and directing people to park on the edge spaces first then opening up lot 13 to parking. It is rather difficult for me to walk additional distance when I used to be able to park in the ADA spaces. Maybe you could pressure them to do what they did in the past; thank you.

Rod La Rocque

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Weekly Soccer Column: Bolstered by mid-year additions Steven Gerrard and Gio Dos Santos, the LA Galaxy season starts now

gerrardgioGalaxy Guys: Mid-season additions Steven Gerrard and Giovani Dos Santos are game changers; can they help change the course of LA’s season, too?

Emphatically responding to big-name foreign acquisitions by MLS rivals, the LA Galaxy have shown the league and Southern California they are not to be out-spent or outmaneuvered in the transfer market.

If the Galaxy were a strong favorite to defend their MLS Cup this fall before the arrivals of the likes of Steven Gerrard, Giovani Dos Santos, Donovan Ricketts etc., what must the odds be now?

Read more in this week’s 100 Percent Soccer column.

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Weekly Soccer Column: the firing of Mexico coach Miguel Herrera after he clocks reporter has time ticking on World Cup bid

herreraBlow Hard: Always entertaining Mexico coach Miguel Herrera, seen here at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, was dumped after smacking a journalist earlier in the week right before the next round of World Cup qualifying begins (Associated Press Photo).

Read the 100 Percent Soccer column here.

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Weekly Soccer Column: LA Galaxy striker Gyasi Zardes of Hawthorne emerging as quality offensive threat for USMNT, while Steven Gerrard makes MLS debut Friday

GerrarddiffDifference maker: New Galaxy signing Steven Gerrard, seen here at an adidas event in Los Angeles, is expected to make his MLS debut Friday against San Jose in Carson (Photo courtesy adidas).

Read the weekly column here.

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Weekly Soccer Column: Bad boys Neymar, Clint Dempsey and Arturo Vidal bid to upstage Hope Solo in worst way

NemarcopaWho Me: Neymar protests his innocence at this year’s Copa America (Associated Press Photo).

Like it or not, athletes are role models. It’s why they get the big bucks on the field and often big bucks off it, as sponsors seek famous pitchmen to hawk their products.

But when sports stars go off the rails — the substance abuse issues of George Best and Paul Gascoigne come to mind — the results can be tragic if no one is willing to tell prodigiously talented stars with egos to match to straighten up fast for the good of their careers and lives.

This week one notable sports site suggested that the recent actions of Neymar, for example, at Copa America were merely about boys being boys.

That’s a dumb, small-minded attitude that portends trouble ahead.

Accountability has sadly been missing of late in the corrupt world of soccer off and on the field.

For more, read this week’s 100 Percent Soccer column.


By coincidence, U.S. Soccer issued a ruling on the Dempsey red card this morning:

The U.S. Open Cup Adjudication and Discipline Panel has suspended Seattle Sounders FC forward Clint Dempsey a total of six U.S. Open Cup matches or the next two years of U.S. Open Cup competition, whichever is greater. The suspension is due to his actions during the U.S. Open Cup match between Seattle Sounders FC and Portland Timbers on June 16, 2015.

In addition, Dempsey has been fined an undisclosed amount.

The panel convened Tuesday, June 23, 2015 to review the evidence gathered in regards to the incident. Mr. Dempsey waived his right to an appeal.

Due to the suspension, Dempsey cannot play in any U.S. Open Cup matches in 2016 or 2017, and possibly longer depending on the number of tournament games in which Dempsey’s team participates in those years.

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Weekly Soccer Column: In praise of the underdog ahead of the Galaxy’s U.S. Cup game against amateur club PSA Elite (streamed live here)

usopencuplogoLA Galaxy and Guam defender A.J. DeLaGarza knows all about how small nations like the one he represents can ambush the big boys on occasion.

That sort of knowledge could be valuable tonight for the Galaxy in the U.S. Open cup against amateur team PSA Elite, although there were precisely zero upsets in the round of games played Tuesday in the knockout competition.

The 7:30 p.m. game at StubHub Center includes free parking, $2 tacos from Chancho’s Tacos and $2 beer. Tickets are $10. Or, you can watch here, for free

Read more in this week’s 100 Percent Soccer column.

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