Thorough coverage of English Premier League final day set for Sunday

The English Premier League ends Sunday and all 10 games will be aired over various NBC networks. All games will air at 7 a.m.

Here is the breakdown as of Thursday.

Everton (7th, 61 points) at Arsenal (5th, 72 points) – NBC

Middlesbrough (19th, 28) at Liverpool (4th, 73) – NBCSN

Manchester City (3rd, 75) at Watford (16th, 40) – USA

Crystal Palace (13th, 41) at Manchester United (6th, 66) – CNBC

West Ham United (12th, 42) at Burnley (15th, 40) – Oxygen

Sunderland (20th, 24) at Chelsea (1st, 90) – SyFy

Tottenham (2nd, 83) at Hull City (18th, 34) – MSNBC

Bournemouth (9th, 45) at Leicester City (11th, 43) – Bravo

Stoke City (14th, 41) at Southampton (8th, 46) – E!

West Bromwich Albion (9th, 45) at Swansea City (17th, 38) – Esquire


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Boxing Day lineup kicks off busy stretch in Premier League

Here is the schedule for the English Premier League action for Boxing Day (Monday):

4:30 a.m.

Watford v. Crystal Palace (NBCSN)

7 a.m.

Manchester United v. Sunderland (NBCSN)

Chelsea v. Bournemouth (CNBC)

Arsenal v. West Brom

Leicester City v. Everton

Swansea City v. West Ham United

Burnley v. Middlesbrough

Hull City v. Manchester City (NBCSN)


9:15 a.m.

Liverpool v. Stoke City (NBCSN)


11:45 a.m.

Southampton v. Tottenham (NBCSN)


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