Celebrate Stagecoach Days in San Diego

It’s been
over a century since the last stage line operated in San Diego. Beginning in 1857, stage lines
passed through rural San Diego
moving passengers, freight, and mail. These new services helped bring the
outside world a little closer to this emerging frontier community that we know
today as San Diego.

On July 11, 18, 25 come to Old Town San Diego Historic Park to  travel real
horsepower – before the train and automobile. Take a wagon ride around
the park.  Imagine yourself traveling dirt roads with a maximum of 25 pounds of
luggage to make your way to San Diego
in the 1860s.

 In addition to the
permanent collection of historic wagons, the new reproduction mud wagon will be
on display. View a colorful Mexican women’s equestrian precision riding team. 

Hear the sounds of blacksmiths pounding iron and carpenters sawing wood. Try
your luck by participating in 19th century games for both children
and adults.  Enjoy live music that is evocative of days gone by.

Stay the day and
enjoy activities that reflect life in San
during the mid-1800s. All of the activities are
part of Old Town San Diego
State Historic
‘s celebration
of 19th century transportation, especially the stagecoach.

vignettes, demonstrations, living history, stories, songs, and stagecoach
equipment, visitors will gain an appreciation for travel and daily life.

 Old Town San Diego
State Historic
along with
the Boosters of Old Town are proud to offer these
activities to adults and children of all ages. The park is
located on San Diego Avenue
and Twiggs Street
in San Diego, and is conveniently located next to
the Old Town Transit
, with Coaster,
Trolley, and MTS bus service.

 For more information, go to www.parks.ca.gov/oldtownsandiego

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