Group camp reopens at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

The Group Camp
at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park reopened today. The camp was closed
after a break in the water line for several years. 


Camp Site A reopened today, while Group Camp Site B will open on
Aug. 6.  Both sites are available to reserve through Reserve America by
phone at (800) 444-PARK and at 

The sites will
be available for reservations for the season through Oct. 18.  The campsites
are located in a redwood area of the park across the highway from the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
main entrance. 

Camping is limited to tents because there is a slight walk
required to reach the campsites. The cost of each campsite is $150 a night and can accommodate up to 35 people. 

Ten vehicles will be included in
the price for each site.  Dogs are not allowed in the Group Camp area.


Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is located 30 miles south of Carmel, off Highway One. The park features
breathtaking views of the Big Sur Valley, the beauty of the redwoods, and access to the
Big Sur River.


For park information
please call (831) 667-2315 or online at

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