Blue whales visit Redondo Beach

The leviathan blue whales have returned to the waters off of Redondo Beach area and are frolicking one to three miles directly in front of Redondo Beach Marina / King Harbor.
Passengers aboard Voyager Excursions in Decron’s Redondo Beach Marina could be in for a stunning show viewing these magnificent creatures.  Each whale-watch adventure is narrated by a trained Naturalist of the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium/American Cetacean Society who shares his local knowledge of marine wildlife, coastline scenery and history.

The Voyager has been running trips daily viewing and monitoring the big Blues’ movement for weeks now and have been observing their numbers growing daily in these areas along with the food source (krill) building, water temperatures becoming more favorable for them
and their proximity to Redondo getting closer by the day.

Whale pods have been hanging out on the outer edge of the Redondo Canyon three to seven miles out and off of Palos Verdes Peninsula, with sightings on every trip.  Other species of whales have been spotted, including Sperm, Minke, and Fin, along with pods of dolphins that have moved back to the inside tip of the canyon just minutes from the Voyager dock.

A portion of all Voyager Excursion ticket sales will be donated to the Society, which was founded in 1967 and is the oldest whale conservation group in the world.

Recently, The Voyager had one of the best showings in it’s 50 year history as the boat drew the curiosity of a pod of eight to 10, 80+ ft. Blues that put on a show for passengers, with two of the pairs, a cow and her calf, nursing next to the boat along with multiple other blues feeding and cavorting within close proximity. 
For information, ticket prices, and cruise times, visit Voyager Excursions, or call Voyager Excursions office at 310-944-1219. Visit the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau at for more information.

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