Visitor center opening at historic Fender guitar maker in Corona

Celebrate the grand opening of
the Fender Visitor Center in Corona, on Monday, Sept. 19. In
addition to the Center, Fender will be offering public tours of its
adjacent manufacturing facility.

This will be the first time the iconic
musical instrument manufacturer has opened its doors to the public in
its storied 65-year history.
Inside the 8,600-square-foot center, located near Fender’s historical
Southern California birthplace, exhibits include interactive displays of
modern Fender musical products, historic instruments, rare photographs
and artifacts, a tribute to Leo Fender, the Fender Hall of Fame, video
presentations on the evolution of the electric guitar (including rare
archival footage), displays presenting reflections on Fender by
musicians throughout the history of modern music, and much more.
The facility also introduces the world’s first Fender retail shop, where
visitors can browse and purchase Fender clothing and collectables.

Fender Visitor Center also serves as the starting and concluding points
for the free public tours of the adjacent Fender factory and legendary
Fender Custom Shop.

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