Where’s Richie? Visiting the Grand Canyon on his cross-country trek

Where’s Richie? Join me on a cross country adventure as we travel the byways of America. Our first stop is at the Grand Canyon, one of the natural wonders of the world. We’re driving 3,000 miles from coast to shining coast.
The weather has been very nice at the canyon, except for a brief shower in the afternoon. We’ve heard practically every language on the trails, Chinese, French, German, Romanian and many we couldn’t even identify.
I also met a couple from my hometown of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, as well as a young man from Pasadena, a woman from Glascow, Scotland, and a family from Cambridge, England.
All are enjoying the huge national park, which offers so many activities and services. All manned by friendly rangers and staff who really seem to enjoy their work.
Check out my Touts at richirwinsgvn on Twitter. I thought I would give the minivideos a chance to show some of the splendor of the canyon as well as tips that will keep you safe.

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