Done with Day One

Ended the first round of E3 with two games that feature plenty of carnage.

First was the demo for “Heavenly Sword,” which will be one of the early titles for the PS3. It features a redheaded warrior maiden who uses a sword that can either split in two or become a chain weapon reminiscent of Kratos’ “Blades of Chaos.” There’s other “God of War” influence as well, namely the timed-button sequences that finish off boss enemies. The weapon is called the Heavenly Sword, and the redhead belongs to a clan sworn to protect the weapon. No mortal can wield the weapon without giving up their soul, so our heroine is living on borrowed time.


Then, it was onto “God of War II” for the good ol’ PS2. Didn’t think it was possible, but Kratos might be even more of a killing machine than before. He’s got more angry grab moves, such as ripping off some troll’s arm and beating him with it. Perhaps the ultimate was against a three-headed hound — he tore off one head and used it to “slap” another one. That’s just hard.


Kratos also showed off more of his strength, as the demo features him lifting and tipping over a leftover chunk of a temple ruin. It’s early, but I’m not too worried about a letdown anymore.

It’s back to the battle tomorrow. I’m not leaving Day 2 without a dose of the Wii.