PS3 launch titles: Wait ’till next year

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO David Reeves told Computer and Video Games that PS3 titles like “Heavenly Sword” aren’t going to be coming out until after the Nov. 17 system launch.

Reeves also said Sony is setting a few of its sights on the non-hardcore gamer market, which seems like a wise move since both Xbox and Nintendo earned a lot of goodwill points with Live Anywhere and the Wii, respectively.

We still don’t have a concrete launch lineup for the PS3, even though I keep reading that “Resistance: Fall of Man” will be one of the first games people will see come November. Um … woo. I need more than that to convince me to think about forking over $700 bucks I don’t have. Right now, all I’m really looking forward to is “God of War II.” Is that good?