‘Jaws Unleashed’ coming this week

The reviews for “X-Men: The Official Game” and “The Da Vinci Code” should be in tomorrow’s paper. Two stars … combined.

Next up should be “Jaws Unleashed,” where players take control of the monster Great White shark and choose to either follow missions or cause general mayhem, a la “Grand Theft Auto.” You can do stuff like capsize boats and chew on divers and swimmers to your black heart’s delight. The most intriguing (or disturbing) feature of the game is the “dismemberment engine,” which basically means you can realistically tear things — and people — apart, piece by piece. Not one for the children.

The game was put together by the same people who created the old “Ecco the Dolphin” series, so I’m geeked about seeing some well-done underwater environments and shark movement.

And not to sound morbid, but I want to see the dismemberment engine in action. Given the fact that shark attacks and maulings really do happen (there was a bear mauling in Ohio today), this game mechanic is bound to make a few people angry. We’ll have to wait and see.