No pre-owned PS3 games allowed? What?

This is interesting …

According to GamesRadar, Sony has told retailers not to have any pre-owned PS3 sections in their stores, as it could be illegal for people to sell back any PS3 games they’ve bought.

The story on the site mentions that Sony could use a licensing system that essentially says paying the cash for a game doesn’t mean you actually OWN the game. In reality, you would just be buying the license to play the game, but the actual software would still belong to Sony.

I don’t know — forgive me for not wanting to hop on the expletive-loaded rant bandwagon, but this sounds almost too ridiculous, so I’m going to reserve judgement until I hear or see something more concrete.

Rumor or not, it still hurts — this comes after the griping about the price, the rumble-less gyroscopic controller that some developers didn’t even know existed, the missing elements in the “low-end” system (like WiFi), and we’re still not 100 percent sure on what games will actually be available at launch.

But if this IS true, Sony is going to get the Fredo treatment from a lot of people, probably even the diehard fans.

The only thing I can be certain of is that this Bataan death march of negative stuff about Sony isn’t going to end soon. It’s not even summer yet.