Schilling on the mound for ‘Everquest II’


Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is going to become a villain in EverQuest, as part of a partnership with Sony Online Entertainment to battle against Lou Gehrig’s disease.

During the Yankees-Red Sox series from June 5-7, online EQII players get to take a crack at Schilling’s evil alter ego. Every time someone takes him out, SOE donates $5 to the ALS Association, which fights the disease. The max is $10K. The press release says players can type /ALS to donate money to the cause.

And apparently, evil Curt is going to stay in the game after the series as a powerful character best faced by high-level players. This reeks of awesomeness. This’ll probably be the best shot Yankees fans have at Schilling all year. He should leave behind a virtual bloody sock to complete the effect.