Lunch break with ‘Jaws’

After putting a few hours into ‘Jaws Unleashed’ it’s official: The concept of killing innocent people in a video game — just because you can — is tired. Stop doing it. I keep waiting for some feeling of entertainment to come out of chewing a random diver into pieces, and it hasn’t happened. Which means I’m over the whole “random violence” thing. You can even hear the screaming of people underwater — while that certainly shows detail, it’s still doesn’t entertain me.

I’ve got two feelings about this game: One is guilt — I’ve always needed a cause, or a reason to do bad things, like Jack Bauer or the guy from “The Shield.” Or even Kratos, who killed his own family, for crying out loud.

When it comes to characters like Kratos or Agent 47, there’s a reason they are the way they are. ‘Jaws’ is built on the premise that it is simply fun to kill people and destroy things, forget the reasons. Nowadays, that isn’t enough. You need a story. This is why games like “State of Emergency” and “Postal 2″ stunk. Gamers want substance, not cheap thrills. I’ll expound more about this in the actual review.

The other feeling I have about the game is boredom. Perhaps I’m still spoiled by E3 and the 360 I have at home, but I simply am not enjoying playing this. THIS is what some people are excited about? Whatever. The camera acts nutso and the game overall feels a little sloppy. Controlling Jaws is a chore.

Other than that, it’s outstanding. Writing the review should be fun. It’s a good thing I’m reviewing “New Super Mario Bros.” as well.