Gaming in the Olympics?

Believe it. The head of the Global Gaming League, Ted Owen, is talking to the Chinese government about bringing competitive gaming to the 2008 Beijing Olympics as an exhibition sport.

If you want more examination on the subject, you can read more about it on

All jokes and wink-winks aside, I’ve got a few questions. First off, what would happen if the IOC and China signed off on it, and it eventually became an Olympic sport? Would events be broken down into genre — can you get an FPS medal or a fighting game medal? Can you medal for excelling at sports games?

Who would be the favorites? Can Fata1ity be the U.S. team captain? Would any nation’s teams even have a coach?

And what about the established corporate game teams? Would we be able to send the entire Frag Dolls roster, or just a few of them?

You know what this means, right? Gold controllers. Michael Johnson did it with his shoes, so why can’t gamers do it with controllers? I’m being serious, especially about the question of who we would send.