Microsoft VP dings PS3 controller

GamePro has a story about Peter Moore of Microsoft laying down some verbal smack about the gyroscopic PS3 controller. Moore said that Microsoft tried something similar six years ago, but there was a “collective yawn” about the motion-sensing technology.

Moore sounded off about the controller in an interview with Eurogamer TV .

It’s not even summer yet, and there’s already so much love in the gaming air.

‘Bloodrayne': The DVD

I actually didn’t see this movie, based on my finely tuned instincts (and some sorry-looking trailers) that it would be a steaming pile of garbage. From what I’ve heard, I was right. It’s available for purchase, just in case you wanted to punish someone “Clockwork Orange”-style.

What is Ben Kingsley doing in this? Isn’t he a knight or something? How do you go from “House of Sand and Fog” to “Bloodrayne”? I don’t even want to know anymore.

Tennessee game bill falls

GamePolitics reports that Tennessee state senator Tommy Kilby, a Democrat, has pulled his SB3891 game bill from the legistlative calendar — so for all intents and purposes, it’s toast.

What made this bill noteworthy from all other game bills is that it wanted to ban violent games entirely, regardless of a gamer’s age. Or as Gary Oldman might say, “EEEEVERYONNNE!” GamePolitics also notes that Kilby ended bill himself, instead of trying to fruitlessly ram it through the First Amendment wall.

Nice try, though. Actually, no it wasn’t.

‘Jaws Unleashed’ coming this week

The reviews for “X-Men: The Official Game” and “The Da Vinci Code” should be in tomorrow’s paper. Two stars … combined.

Next up should be “Jaws Unleashed,” where players take control of the monster Great White shark and choose to either follow missions or cause general mayhem, a la “Grand Theft Auto.” You can do stuff like capsize boats and chew on divers and swimmers to your black heart’s delight. The most intriguing (or disturbing) feature of the game is the “dismemberment engine,” which basically means you can realistically tear things — and people — apart, piece by piece. Not one for the children.

The game was put together by the same people who created the old “Ecco the Dolphin” series, so I’m geeked about seeing some well-done underwater environments and shark movement.

And not to sound morbid, but I want to see the dismemberment engine in action. Given the fact that shark attacks and maulings really do happen (there was a bear mauling in Ohio today), this game mechanic is bound to make a few people angry. We’ll have to wait and see.

Ubisoft gets ‘Lost’

Why not? Of course there’s going to be a game about “Lost,” the TV uber-series. Ubisoft’s Montreal studios is going to assemble the title, which means there’s a decent chance it’s not going to be completely horrible. For all the flak that movie games get for being steaming piles, I’d have to say games based on TV shows aren’t THAT much better. Other than “Simpsons: Hit and Run,” I can’t think of anything I would call great. Nope.

PS3 launch titles: Wait ’till next year

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO David Reeves told Computer and Video Games that PS3 titles like “Heavenly Sword” aren’t going to be coming out until after the Nov. 17 system launch.

Reeves also said Sony is setting a few of its sights on the non-hardcore gamer market, which seems like a wise move since both Xbox and Nintendo earned a lot of goodwill points with Live Anywhere and the Wii, respectively.

We still don’t have a concrete launch lineup for the PS3, even though I keep reading that “Resistance: Fall of Man” will be one of the first games people will see come November. Um … woo. I need more than that to convince me to think about forking over $700 bucks I don’t have. Right now, all I’m really looking forward to is “God of War II.” Is that good?

‘Hitman: Blood Money’ is golden


Everyone’s favorite bald contract killer, Agent 47, makes his return to the gaming front on May 30 in “Hitman: Blood Money.” The game has officially gone gold and is coming out for the 360, regular Xbox, PS2 and PC. The namesake “Blood Money” comes from how characters react to Agent 47 depending on how ninja-style he was in the previous mission.

Victim’s dad upset over ‘Columbine’ game

If you haven’t heard about this game yet, check out this AP story on about “Super Columbine Massacre RPG,” which can be found online. Obviously, this has people in an uproar, and usually creators of hot-button games keep their mouths shut with issued statements. That’s not quite the case here. Brian Crescente of Kotaku and the Rocky Mountain News actually talked to the person who created the game. Heavy stuff. I’d like to know what people think about this.

Gamers getting older?

The Entertainment Software Association released their 2006 edition of “Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry,” and it seems that the so-called typical American gamer has gotten older. Joe Average Gamer is now 33 years old, which would be considered over-the-hill in pro athlete circles. Unless they’re on ‘roids — which you don’t need to excel at gaming.

Now this is interesting — the man who directed “Supercop” with Jackie Chan is apparently going to try and create a movie version of the PSOne game “Fear Effect”. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s about three mercs (Hana, Deke and Glass) who are trying to rescue a young girl. The stylish, “Blade Runner”-like title earned every inch of its M rating, especially when it game to the concept of death — in one scene, a third of Glass’ head gets blasted off by machine gun fire.

The game’s success helped launch “Fear Effect 2: Double Helix,” a prequel/sequel that brilliantly merged several gameplay elements, and also featured a female character with a lesbian love interest. There was even some buzz about the magazine ad for the game, which featured both half-naked characters lying next to each other. And no, I will not link to it.