PSP: ‘Tomb Raider: Legend’, ‘MGS Digital Graphic Novel’


Eidos announced today that “Tomb Raider: Legend” for the PSP is primed for a June 21 release. The game will include three new multiplayer modes: racing, obstacle courses and treasure hunting. There’s also going to be PSP-exclusive music, wallpaper and images.

Today, Konami shipped “Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel,” also for the PSP. For those unfamiliar with the title, this isn’t really a normal game, per se. It’s an uber-interactive comic, where the players/readers can “flip” through the pages at whatever speed they like, and the experience is heightened through music, animation and sound effects. The game focuses on the first “Metal Gear Solid,” and it was one of the more intriguing offerings from Konami at E3. Though I’ll admit, I think anything from Kojima is intriguing.