Summer ‘Prey’ and ‘Head Coach’


Finally, a break in the small drought that plagues the summer months.

First there’s “Prey,” which I’m ready to pencil in as a must-have title for the PC and 360. I dig going with a Native American main character — not because I’m on some cliched “aw look, an Indian hero” kick, but because their history and legends are territories gaming has a chance to really explore. If done correctly, it could be good for gaming. Everyone knows the gameplay and visuals will be tight, but I’m interested to see how this Tommy dude comes off. I get to check it out on Friday and will hopefully get to spit some knowledge about that on All Games Interactive. I’m normally there on Thursday, but I get to check out Ludacris that night.

I’m also awaiting my maiden voyage into EA’s “NFL Head Coach,” which is essentially armchair quarterbacking at its best. It’s a coaching sim, where you get to live and control every aspect of being a head coach for an NFL team, from developing the team’s philosophy to making adjustment during a game.

I’ll be honest … I don’t know about this one. I like debating strategy and talking all kinds of football-related stuff and looking at numbers (I’m in a couple of fantasy leagues), but I’m a little skeptical about how “exciting” building a team actually is. Part of the reason I like sports games is that I like directing the people on the field and making them do things I (and other average Joes) could never hope to pull off on a field/court. I like having THAT control.
Maybe I just don’t like having to “manage” others or watching stuff unfold — perhaps that’s why I never got into RTS. Just too much watching. See the pic below.


Check back during the week for more gaming words.