ESA and lawmakers party on

Seriously — the Entertainment Software Association and Cali politicians hung out and played some games.

Before anyone says anything about “dogs and cats living together,” check out Game Politics for the full story.

About 150 people reportedly attended the event, and family-friendly games like DDR were on hand for the partiers to enjoy.

Interesting … most of the time we hear about how at odds the game industry and lawmakers are, so it’s could be shocking to see them chilling out and enjoying each others company.

Part of me wonders why little events like this haven’t happened sooner — surely all would benefit by exposing these lawmakers (some of whom don’t play, I imagine) to other bodies of work that don’t include sex and violence.

However, could something also have been accomplished by showcasing stuff OTHER than E-rated titles? True, ESA numbers show that those kinds of games are top sellers, but what about something like “God of War,” or “Shadow of the Colossus.” Perhaps even the controversial titles could have been on hand, so some of these lawmakers could see that there’s more to the M-games than just the capacity for blood.

Or, am I being naive in thinking the lawmakers would see that? Are they not ready for the “games as art form” viewpoint? Maybe not, since such a stance could cost a few of them some votes. As a source of mine told be about the game violence issue, it’s the “newest political football for people to play with.”

  • satchmo

    What about Half-Life 2?

    That’s game as an art form for you.