‘Prey’ and Captain Jack

Since AGI turned into an virtual odyssey on Friday, I wanted to spill a little more thoughts on the 360 demo of “Prey” I got to check out earlier that day.

We touched on how disgusting the game can be (spouts covered in mucus were throbbing and vomiting out body parts — outstanding), as well as the biological nature of the weapons. What I think could separate the game from being just another gooey FPS is the Native American angle. Other than “Turok,” I can’t think of any other character off the top of my head that approaches anyone like Tommy, “Prey’s” hero.

One thing I was fascinated with was the “deathwalk,” which basically allows you to fight your way back to life after you get taken out. You’re in a barren field, your body is floating in the middle of it, and you have to use the spirit bow to shoot phantom birds that are swirling around. Shooting a red bird gives you health; a blue one boosts your spirit. Deathwalk is timed, so if you’re a crappy shot, you could end up with nil health when you come back — or you just perish altogether.

There’s also a spirit bird that follows you around, and it grants you certain abilities, like reading and understanding alien text and speech. The bird also does typical companion stuff, like distract the enemy.

Also interesting were some of the mechanics of spirit walking. It’s not timed, but range-based, were a well-placed door or wall subtly indicates to the player that they can’t go any farther. This’ll be a big hit in multiplayer, where people are already stashing their bodies and spirit walking all over the place.

But before we get to all the on the 10th, its more movie game time. Morale is not high after “X-Men: The Official Game” and “Da Vinci Code,” but given the timeliness of the movie, I’m tackling “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow” from Bethesda Softworks, who put out “Oblivion.”

The last “Pirates of the Caribbean” game was a simulator, while this one’s an action hack-and-slash title. I come in with no expectations, but I’ve head early reports that it’s actually not bad. At least they managed to get Johnny Depp in it, so that’ll bring in some cred.

Of course, “X-Men” had actors’ voices, too. Argh. Or in this case, arrrrgh. Check the pic below and draw your own conclusions.