Kaz Hirai discusses PS3 game prices

Gamasutra has an entry about Sony Computer Entertainment America president Kaz Hirai tackling the touchy subject of game pricing in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine.

Feel the power of the excerpt:

When asked whether PlayStation 3 games would be priced in the same range as Xbox 360 titles (currently $59.99 for most high budget titles), Hirai suggested that: Generally speaking, over the past twelve years or so, there has been a consumer expectation that disc based games are maybe $59 on the high end to $39 on the low end. So, what I can say now is, I think it would be a bit of a stretch to think that we could suddenly turn around and say PS3 games now $99.99.”

Here’s more from the Sony headman:

I don’t think consumers expect software pricing to suddenly double. So, the quick answer is that we want to make it as affordable as possible, knowing that there is a set consumer expectation for what software has cost for the past twelve years. That’s kind of the best answer I can give you. So, if it becomes a bit higher than $59, don’t ding me, but, again, I don’t expect it to be $100.?