More pirate games. Arr.

I’ll say this so far about “The Legend of Jack Sparrow” for the PS2: It looks great if you don’t move around too much. Yes, having Johnny Depp’s voice is a plus, but not if that voice and character is weighted down with herky-jerky gameplay and a frame rate that’s not quite, uh, ship shape. I’ll elaborate more in the review and on AGI tomorrow if we get to it.

Just got TWO MORE “Pirates” related games (PSP and DS), this time dealing with the actual “Dead Man’s Chest” movie that’s coming out on the 7th. They’re both action games, but each of them has unique features. The PSP one sounds fun, in addition to controlling Jack Sparrow and fight the bad guys — but there’s also a nifty-sounding multiplayer mode where you get to pick a variety of pirate ships and spend time blasting other ship into oblivion. You can unlock the Black Pearl, which I imagine would be the equivalent of the battlecruiser in “Star Control” for the Genesis, and I guess you can unlock the Flying Dutchman as well. Interesting — moreso than the PS2 version, at least so far.

The DS version gives you control of three characters (Jack, Will and Elizabeth) and features some cute pirate minigames like Walk the Plank. It’s also got some playable enemy characters as well.

Looks like it’s going to be all pirates, all the time this week. Then of course, come “Prey,” the game with the throbbing valves that spew out body parts. Aw yeah.