PS3 to be a PC killa?

On All Games Interactive we talked about how Sony’s Phil Harrison apparently told a German magazine that the PS3 would make PCs obsolete. You can see the story on GamePro.

Harrison’s decree?

“The PlayStation 3 is a computer. We do not need the PC.”

Before cutting loose with the expletives, keep in mind that Harrison’s words were translated into English, so I’m hoping that the hyperbole is a result of a translation gaffe — and NOT someone actually saying that Nov. 17 will be pour-out-a-little-liquor time for PCs.

I hope that’s not the case. It’s been very strange watching Sony turn into the Tony Montana of the gaming industry. You can’t help but get this crazy-eyed, I’m-invincible feeling every time one of their top guys makes a statement. It’s turning a lot of people off, which isn’t good if you say your $600 system is going to make their $1,500 rig obsolete. Not what the people want.

First impressions of ‘Hitman: Blood Money’

I keep thinking of a coloring book whenever I’m playing this game. You certainly have the freedom to color outside of the lines, but the intention is clearly there for you to stay within them. Any deviation outside of the lines leaves you thinking like you’re doing something wrong.

Visually, it looks pretty good, but at this point, we should be expecting every next-gen game to look that way.

So far, I’ve taken out a crooked theme park owner, a gangster, a Colombian drug czar and his son, as well as a pedophile opera singer and his U.S. Ambassabor buddy. Now I’m out to bust someone out of a shady rehab clinic for alkies.

So, the missions are plenty creative, but the biggest problem I’ve run into so far in the game is artificial intelligence of the characters. It’s wacky. Sometimes enemies are as dumb as bricks, as you can open a door right behind some of them without any kind of reaction. Other times, they have Spidey sense — whip out a weapon in an area where no one sees you and the suspicion level skyrockets. What?

It’s still to early for me to pass judgement — right not, all I can say is that it’s intrguing enough for me to want to keep playing. I do like the performance-based system, where I get more money if I excel at being invisible for each “job.” You can even use the money the buy intel or lower your notoriety level (bribing witnesses and such).

Game bill signed in Minnesota

If you’re an underage gamer toting around an Adults Only or Mature-rated title, you might end up getting slapped with a $25 fine.

That’s the crux of SF0785, which Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed into law yesterday afternoon, according to GamePolitics, which also has a statement from Entertainment Software Association head honcho Doug Lowenstein.

And … the cycle starts all over again. Bill/law gets signed, ESA protests law, judge (likely) tosses game bill. Except this is coming after the buyer.