Hey, that door looks like a …

If you haven’t guessed, I’ve been playing “Prey,” which is already becoming a mini-legend for its goo and gross-out alien factor. It’s one of the few games I’ve played that made my stomach think about churning. I’ve think there’s already been enough discussion about the the pulsating and orifice-resembling things you see on the Sphere (the ship’s name), so here’s some stuff I noticed that isn’t related to fluids or stuff that looks sticky.

– I dig the “ancient Indian legends” vs. “alien horror” dynamic throughout the story, which unfolded better than I thought it would. I actually thought “Prey” may have been a little overrated coming in (I am guilty as well), but I can’t pull away from it — and the storytelling is one of the reasons. I wonder what Tommy would have done on the ship in “Alien?” They wouldn’t have stopped him, even the face huggers. Conceptually, an alien could burst out of Tommy’s chest, he’d deathwalk his way back to life, and then wipe out all the aliens, including the little chump that killed him. He’d never be surprised either, thanks to the spirit bird. Only concern is the potential Jen vs. Ripley choice. Perhaps I’ve said too much. Moving on.

– I was overjoyed at finding the alien shotgun. Absolutely ecstatic. Ask Lawrence of AGI. I think every first-person shooter has to have some kind of shotgun-type weapon, be it man- or alien-made. Over the course of my gaming life, no weapon type has provided more moments of instant, satisfying whats-my-name vengeance against the irritating enemy hordes. None. I can’t be convinced otherwise.

– Oddly enough, I also like the title screen music. It’s perfect. I reminds of the “Halo” stuff, which gave off that solemn, intense, “war is hell” vibe. For “Prey,” I get this image of someone going, “Yeah Tommy! Go get ’em!” That should help after I get wasted in multiplayer — it’ll pick me up.