Waking ‘Dead Rising’


There’s been early buzz regarding the demo of ‘Dead Rising’ on Xbox Live Marketplace. Rock the Bells took up most of my weekend time, so today will be the first chance I get to deal massive damage to the zombie population. A couple thoughts before plunging in:

— I need depth. The game cannot possibly be all about slaying gobs of zombies, otherwise it would be “State of Emergency” with dead people. Lawrence of All Games Interactive educated me a little on that subject, telling me about how different mall exits and people you encounter along your way veer the player into various storylines. Sounds excellent.

— The game is timed. I like that a lot. There’s are plenty of reasons (challenging element, adds pressure to the player, almost a surefire why to cut down on lulls), but it’s an automatic chance to quote Jack Bauer and yell out, “There’s no time!!” Outstanding.

OK. Off to download. I’m also hoping the game shows up on my desk sooner rather than later.

  • Reggie

    I played the demo more than once, just because there was quite a bit of stuff to see and do. Favorite moments: picking up a mall bench and using it as a battering monster masher; using an electric guitar as an axe; trying to use a toy laser sword to win a fight with a corpse; going golfing with the balls as deadly projectiles.