‘Star Trek: Legacy’ … features … five captains


Pardon the Shatner-esque typed headline, but I couldn’t help it when I got word that all five “Star Trek” captains would be doing voicework for Bethesda’s “Star Trek: Legacy,” which is coming out in the fall for the 360 and PC.

Trekkies know them all, but I’m listing the actors anyway for the sake of being thorough:

William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk from the STAR TREK: The Original Series 1966-1969

Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard from STAR TREK: The Next Generation 1987-1994

Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko from STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine 1993-1999

Kate Mulgrew as Captain Kathryn Janeway from STAR TREK: Voyager 1995-2001

Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer in STAR TREK: Enterprise 2001-2005

If you want to know more about the game, click here.

  • Reggie