Back from vacation

It’s almost kind of sad … since I play video games for a good chunk of my job, there was a part of me that didn’t even want to LOOK at a game system for the whole time I was gone.

Then, my brother showed me a re-animated Sega Saturn and the uber-shooter “Radiant Silvergun” — and it was back on. Soul searching averted.

Most of my gaming time was spent either playing “Madden 07″ on both the 360 and PS2 or “Dead Rising,” which I’ve grown to realize as one of the best, if not the best, game for the 360. I realized this after suiting up as Megaman. I also drove up to a college friend’s apartment to participate in the summer “Videolympics” — a 10-event retrogaming opus which featured a PS2, N64, NES, Super NES and Atari 2600 complete with the single button joystick.

In no particular order, here were the games/events:

– Goal!
– Super Mario Bros.
– Goldeneye
– Star Wars Pod Racer
– MLB 2K 2006 (Home Run Derby)
– Twisted Metal
– Pac-Man
– Mortal Kombat
– Super Tecmo Bowl (the one with Bo)
– actually, I can’t remember the tenth one. There was alcohol there, and it apparently left its mark.

Out of a bevy of talented competitors, I actually came away with two medals, and was one of only two multiple medal winners. I would have won a third if I remembered that MK for the Super NES was a mashfest and didn’t try to apply Street Fighter principles to it. Big mistake. I would like to suggest “Street Fighter” for the next one. Mash buttons again. Please.

In a gesture of brotherly bonding, I left my copy of “Dead Rising” for my brother to play on his psychotic 360, where the fan sometimes keeps running after you turn it off, or the lights do laps around the ring of life for half and hour.

Me: “You should get that fixed.”
Brother: “I did.”
Me: “Oh … you know, I’m hungry.”

I’m surprised he hasn’t thrown it or something … though he might be drained from rebuilding his computer.

  • Reggie

    CD is buzzing now, not sure I like that, so it’s a good thing I went for the extended warranty. I play the sound louder to avoid having to hear it. Radiant Silvergun is still fun and I also got back into Panzer Dragoon Saga. Despite being able to play the latest titles in the generation since those came out, those titles among other ‘classics’ are still as fun as the day they were released.