Wii loves some Sam Fisher

Ubisoft announced today that “Splinter Cell: Double Agent” is going to be a launch title for Nintendo’s cutely (or stupidly) named new console. No real specifics on how the motion-sensing controllers are going to factor into this whole package, but the mind wanders: Human shield mechanics? Manipulation of spy tech? Most of the people who saw this at the Last Big E3 agreed that the game (at least on other systems) was praiseworthy. Perhaps this could help the system shake off the kiddie vibe its been saddled with — it’s not like Sam Fisher is Mr. Rogers, and it’s not like “Red Steel” is meant for the 10-year-olds either. Nice timing of the announcement, by the way.

Here’s a couple preliminary Wii shots:



For me, I’m pillaging Rule of Rose, Yakuza and NASCAR 07 this week. I hit Yakuza first, and … blah. I’ll have more on that later.