‘Skate’ cometh to next-gen

Today, EA announced ‘Skate’ for the 360 and the PS3, which could end up becoming the next-gen competitor to the long-unchallenged Tony Hawk skating game franchise. The title is being assembled by the people at EA Black Box in Vancouver.

EA is touting the game’s focus on realism, from the way the city reacts to the player to the physics-based skating controls, dismissing the “button mashing gameplay of past skating games.” (is that a dig?) Essentially, they sound like they’re pitching the experience as a skateboard sim rather than a playground-style skate party.

It wouldn’t quite be EA without some kind of pro endorsement, and it appears skaters Danny Way and P.J. Ladd are on board. Is there such a thing as a cover jinx if the sport leads to various crippling injuries anyway?

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