When a game asks you to be a god, you say, ‘YES!’

okami screen (4).JPG

It’s too bad more people in the mainstream don’t seem to know about “Okami,” (released today) so it’s going to suffer from the same disease that got “Indigo Prophecy” and “BG&E” — meaning it’s a fun, innovative and engulfing title that’ll be turned away by plenty of gamers because it’s different, and people seem to run away from anything different.

After about 20 tedious minutes of wading through text, this is one of those titles that represents the “experience” aspect of contemporary gaming — you can actually look at it from an artistic standpoint. It’s heavy in folklore and symbology, plus it provides a new spin on the whole “be a god” premise, making it more action-oriented as opposed to a lot of the menu-based, RTS stuff we’ve seen in the past.

I’m only a few hours in, but I’m really taking the time to enjoy this one. It’s been worth it so far — I mean, I can turn night into day by just painting a sun in the sky with a brush. Sweet.