No TGS … but ‘NBA 2K7′ arrived

Like many people who weren’t able to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun for the Tokyo Game Show, I’ve relied extensively on the likes of GameTrailers, GameSpot, Kotaku and Joystiq to get some inkling of what’s been showing there, and what we can expect.

GameTrailers has gotten the most use out of me so far. They’ve got a teaser for ‘L.A. Noire,’ a PS3 offering from Rockstar, as one of their centerpieces — but what still stands out to me is ‘Lair,’ a dragon game for the PS3. From what I heard, it was either going to look awesome or look like crap — no middle ground. The gameplay footage I saw features a dragon and his rider annihilating a horde of armored soldiers, be it by flame or pimp-slapping them off some stone bridge. It looks like it could be pretty good — I’m not sure if it’s $600 good, but I’m just saying.

This week, I’m trying out “NBA 2K7,” which arrived in the mail today. I could care less about real hoops since football season just started, but I wanted to see how 2K Sports pulled off the plan to make the individuality of each starter and star come to life. They concentrated on just Shaq a year ago, but now they’ve supposedly got the details down for practically everyone worth talking about. We’ll see — EA did this a while ago with its “Lakers vs. Celtics”-style games, and I always thought ultimate personalization was the next logical step. I’m actually surprised it took this long. I’m one of those fans that’ll examine every virtual player to see if he REALLY measures up to the flesh-and-blood version. Frist guy I’m rolling out with is LeBron — from the work-in-progress jumper to the way he attacks the basket — I hope I see it all.