Hilary Duff can be yours

Smiley starlet Hilary Duff (and her Chihuahua) are going to be appearing in EA’s “The Sims 2 Pets,” for the PS2, GameCube, DS and a PC expansion pack. It’s her video game debut, and I give her an edge over Paris Hilton, because Hilary at least knows the name of the game she’s in.

As you’d guess, you can pal around with Duff and her dog as they roam Central Park, at least in the console version.

However, PC players can also download virtual Hilary, and she’ll become a playable character, capable of doing the same stuff other Sims can do. She’ll be downloadable from Oct. 17 through Dec. 31.

Think about that — Hilary Duff at the command of gamers. In the wrong hands, the possibilities for evil could be endless.